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Contact Probes and Probe Cards

What is a contact probe?

Can also be called Spring Contact Probes /Pogo Pins /Test Pins /Spring Pins and more. They are usually made up of a spring, tubular barrel and a plunger. Contact probes are used to make contact with different test points on various electronic components for continuity test.

The original use for contact probes is to test functionally and to measure the value of the components by making contact with PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) or electronic components. They can be used for printed circuit board continuity test, battery charge-discharge test, FPD lighting inspection test and other different components test. Contact probes are used for semiconductor package test (QFN, BGA, SON, CSP) in the back end process and in the front end process they are used for Wafe test (Flip Chip, WL-CSP). Spring contact probes are used to test printed circuit boards, connectors, wire harnesses and other electronic components. They can also be used as easily removable electrical connections and in interfaces.

Contact Probes, Spring contact probes
Contact Probes

Contact Probes

What is a Probe Card?

A probe card is a jig used for electrical testing of a Large-Scale Integrated circuit (LSI) chip on a wafer throughout the wafer test action in LSI manufacturing.

The needles of the probe card contact the LSI chip electrodes to conduct electrical testing for the go/no-go test. The wafer test process is very important and very dependent on the trustworthiness of probe cards. A probe card is anchored to a wafer prober to function as a connector between the LSI chip electrodes and an LSI tester as a measuring machine. It is an interface between a semiconductor wafer and an electronic test system. It has to make good electronical contact to these pad bumps throughout the testing of the device. After the testing of the device is complete, the prober will index the wafer to the next device to be tested.

A probe card
A probe card

A probe card

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