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Knowledge & Experience

we have years of experience in designing and building testing fixtures for a wide scope of customers with different type of needs,  including unique tailor made solutions. Our immense knowledge in Aerospace, Aviation, Semiconductors, Electronics OEM's & EMS and Medical industry, has been collected over the years in which we have been a leading manufacturer in the testing fixtures world. 

Breakthrough Innovation

In order to meet our customers' challenges and allow them to cope in a very competitive market, we ought to be creative. Our R&D team is committed to constantly produce the highest and most innovative testing Solutions that will allow our customers maximum production efficiency and market Superiority.

Product Quality

Magnifitec is a One-Stop-Shop for those who are interested in high-end products. All of our customers know the quality products we bring to the table and therefore all of our worldwide customers are some of the biggest and important companies in the world.



Magnifitec was established in 2005 as a Testing solutions company.

We specialize in designing and manufacturing of Testing solutions for R&D electronics & communication OEM companies, EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Subcontractors) industry, Military & Aerospace electronics companies and Medical companies.

We also design and manufacture Tailor made testing solutions for customers that require unique solutions, such as semi or full automation Electro mechanic products.

As a customer oriented company, our product portfolio & services include cooperation and representation with worldwide leading companies in our scope of business such as Feinmetall, SMH Technologies, LPKF, and KOLB.

Commitment Without Compromise

We are committed to offer our customers the most high-end products with the latest available technologies, solutions, materials and accessories in the market. We invest greatly in R&D to make sure that our customers will have the most advance, reliable and cost effective products.

Customer Oriented

As part of our group strategy we strongly believe that our customers counting on us to provide them up-to-date technologies, products and services. Therefore, we collaborated with partners who are obligated to state of the art products line, so our customers can be certain that we are the best choice for their success.

Customer Support

Our customers' satisfacion is the sole thing that matters. We fully understand our customers needs and the demanding business environment they operate in. Therefore, we know how important it is to be there for them with a professional, fast and super attentive customer support for all their needs.



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