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LPKF Laser Transfer Printer

LPKF Laser Transfer Printer

LPKF Laser Transfer Printing (LTP) combines the best of two worlds: the accuracy and flexibility of a laser-based digital printing process and the application options offered by screen printing.

With the LTP process, highly filled printing inks can be transferred with previously unknown micron-range precision to flat substrates, even in multiple passes for thick coatings in combination with filigree structures.

At the core of the LPKF LTP printer are laser print heads with application-specific designs. They each consist of a printing unit and an extremely fast scanner-based laser beam guide.

In the printing unit, a rotating target that is transparent to laser radiation is continuously and homogeneously coated with the ink for printing. Inside this, the laser beam is guided extremely rapidly over the target to perform the printing operation.

The first system in the product line was developed for printing on vehicle glass. The LTP vehicle glass printer is equipped with fast linear axes based on a gantry design. The axis system can hold several print heads for various inks or for optimizing cycle times.

The machine base can be scaled to accommodate different glass sizes. The system is completely enclosed and climate-controlled to ensure optimized process conditions, regardless of the conditions of the surroundings.

Technical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)

5 000 x 4 500 x 2 200 mm


Approx. 5 900 kg

Max. printing speed

250 mm/s

Max. productivity (without handling)

90 m²/h

Printing resolution (adressable)

1 200 x 600 dpi

Min. / max. glass size

300 x 300 mm up to 2 000 x 3 000 mm
(smaller with passepartout)

Min. / max. glass thickness

2 - 8 mm

LTP print colous

Ferro black and silver, others on request



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