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FlashRunner FRPXIA3

FlashRunner FRPXIA3


Fully hardware and software PXI integration;
Multi-target parallel programming with independent channels.


FlashRunner FRPXIA3 is the brand new PXI module, for Gang In System Programming. FlashRunner PXI is based on FlashRunner technology, the fast and reliable programming system for Flash-based microcontroller and serial memories.



  • First in the world programming solution for PXI system;

  • Fully hardware and software ATE integration;

  • Multi-target parallel programming channels;

  • Powered by Flashrunner technlogy, the fastest and reliable programming system.

Why PXI?

Engineers around the world have made the switch to PXI to realize faster test execution times, improved software development productivity, faster throughoutput, and increased scalability, which dramatically reduce their overall system costs. 
Now, for the very first time, they have the opportunity to integrate the In-System Programming (ISP) function in their PXI systems. FRPXIA3 is now the ideal solution for the Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in production environment.



This is Flashrunner FRPXIA3

  • CompactPCI 2.0 compliant, PXI fully compatible;

  • Integrated in only one slot of your PXI chassis;

  • 3 parallel in system programming channels. For each channel:
    - Five digital I/O lines;
    - Two digital I/O or analog output lines;
    - Two programmable output voltages;
    - One programmable clock output.

  • Fast programming algorithms developed to reach the memory technology speed limit of the target device;

  • Supports most ISP protocols (BDM, JTAG, SPI, I2C, MON, ICC, SCI, etc.);

  • Flexible, fully configurable;

  • Designed for performance and reliability.



Software Features

  • DLL, LabVIEW libraries and examples for easy and fast software integration;

  • ASCII-Based commands;

  • Optional Data Protection System to make the contents of the binary file to be programmed to the target device not readable (and not duplicable) by non-authorized people;

  • Log files;

  • Erase, blank check, program, read, verify, oscillator trimming, etc;

  • FlashRunner’s open architecture makes its firmware easily upgradable to support both new devices and new features.



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