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LPKF MicroLine 2000 S

Precision Cutting for Printed Circuit Boards and Cover Layers


LPKF MicroLine 2000 S

The LPKF MicroLine 2000 systems can process even highly complicated tasks with printed circuit boards (PCBs). They are available in variants for cutting assembled PCBs, flexible PCBs and cover layers.

Process advantages due to LPKF MicroLine 2000 systems

Compared to conventional tools, laser processing offers a compelling series of advantages.

  • The laser process is completely software-controlled. Varying materials or cutting contours are easily taken into account through adapting the processing parameters and laser paths.

  • In the case of laser cutting with the UV laser, no appreciable mechanical or thermal stresses occur.

  • The laser beam merely requires a few µm as a cutting channel. More components can thus be placed on a panel.

  • The system software differentiates between operation in production and setting up processes. That clearly reduces instances of faulty operation.

  • The fiducial recognition by the integrated vision system is done in the latest version around 100% faster than before.


MicroLine 2000 S - Cutting Assembled Circuit Boards

The UV laser cuts substrates in the immediate vicinity of sensitive components or strip conductors - without mechanical stress. Smaller components can thus be produced with a noticeably higher assembly density up to the edge of the PCB - and at the same time the process reduces the reject rate.

  • Circuit board thickness up to 1.6 mm

  • Close to strip conductors or components

  • Optimal utilization of the substrate


Integration in MES Solutions

The MicroLine 2000 S seamlessly integrates into existing manufacturing execution systems (MESs). The laser system delivers operative parameters, machine data, tracking & tracing values and information about individual production runs.

Technical Data

LPKF MicroLine 2000 S - Laser class1

Max. working area (X x Y x Z)

350 mm x 350 mm x 11 mm
(13.8” x 13.8” x 0.4”)

Max. recognition area (X x Y)

300 mm x 300 mm
(11.8” x 11.8”)

Max. material size (X x Y)

350 mm x 350 mm
(13.7” x 13.7”)

Data input formats

Gerber, X-Gerber, DXF, HPGL, Sieb & Meier, Excellon, ODB ++

Max. structuring speed

Depends on application


± 25 μm (1 Mil)

Diameter of focussed laser beam

20 μm (0.8 Mil)

Laser wavelength

355 nm

System dimensions (W x H x D)

875 mm x 1 530 mm x 1 300 mm
(34.5” x 60.2” x 51.2”)*


~ 450 kg (~ 990 lbs)

Operating conditions

Power supply

230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 kVA


Air-cooled (internal water-air cooling)

Ambient temperature

22 °C ± 2 °C @ ± 25 μm / 22 °C ± 6 °C @ ± 50 μm
(71.6 °F ± 3.6 °F @ 1 Mil / 71.6 °F ± 10.8 °F @ 2 Mil)


< 60 % (non-condensing)

Required accessoires

Exhaust unit, production fixture

* Height incl. StatusLight = 2 020 mm (79.5”)

MicroLine 2000 S series systems feature multiple variations: 
MicroLine 2120 S (10 watt laser source), MicroLine 2820 S (15 watt laser source) and MicroLine 2920 S (18 watt laser source).



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